Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Little Update

Hello my lovelies, 

Wow its been a while since I last did a post.. The past few months have been manic. Honestly have no idea where September went and that October is nearly over! I'm ever so sorry for just disappearing but so many things have been going on I need to just focus on getting them sorted. It's been a bit of a stressful time lately and its been hard work! 

At the start of September I turned 20 yes the big 20.. I didn't think much of turning 20 but all of a sudden I was being asked by everyone what I wanted to do or what was I even doing and I just didn't know how to answer. It was like I should have some sort of idea of where I wanted to go or be or do, I still didn't know which lead to a mad panic of trying to work out what I wanted from my life and feeling ashamed of not having a clue, lets say there was many melt downs and tears over the last month over it.. 
I did fashion and textiles at college and absolutely loved it but once I finished I completely just abandoned it going straight into working full time and earning a living. That was the main focus for me to save money for a while then decide to possibly travel or what not but after a year and a half working in the same place I still haven't done anything I set out to do. Although I do enjoy where I work and the people I work with it had just gotten to a point where I was there every day. I just started dreading going to work and doing exactly the same routine every day I was getting so fed up of things and became very unhappy. 
As much as I loved textiles and creating things I came to the conclusion that since I left last year it hasn't been something I wanted to continue but I have enjoyed working in retail and seeing the fashion trends come in and being more aware of fashion.


I decided to look back into uni and what I could possible do fashion wise with a textiles background. Lets say its was difficult to find one that didn't have need creative portfolio or included making clothes as that was one of my worst projects at college, Me and pattern cutting just don't mix well. After spending hours looking and researching I have found a course that I have fell in love with and I'm determined to get onto it but there was a downfall in my plan. I needed my gcse in maths and at school I didn't exactly do that well when in came to maths one subject I just didn't like. As it was the middle of September by this point all current gcse courses had started so I was in a bit of a pickle I had every grade possible to get in but this so I thought that my plan of going to uni next year was in tatters. I frantically called the uni I want to go to and spoke to a lovely guy in admissions and was told that I could also have a key skills or function skills in the subject and I'd still be accepted onto the course. So after hours of calling places that do this maths course I managed to get on to one and have been doing so for the last few weeks, fingers crossed all goes well in the exam! 

Whilst all that was going on I was finding it hard trying to juggle working full time and going to these classes, revising and any work I need to do. Sometimes I'd be out of the house for 15 hours a day and I was exhausted! Then having to get up again for work the next day was starting to drain any energy I had left. I felt like I had no time on my hands for anything not even a few hours to just do nothing on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

After weeks of this I've finally sorted a plan out with my manager and things are looking up. So I am ever ever so sorry to of just vanished but now things have calmed down I can be back to posting a lot regular again (: I've got a sort of idea what I'd like to do and hopefully everything with go to plan! "fingers and toes and everything crossed."

Hope your all having a lovely day and see you all again soon! 


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  3. Ahh good luck with uni! I did the same thing as you last year after working for a while and it's worked out pretty well for me, so I hope it does for you too xx

    1. Aw thank you lovely, i hope it works out too (: xx


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