Sunday, 30 June 2013


Hello Lovelies, 

Just a little post to say you can also follow me on Bloglovin if you don't already would love if you would take a lil moment to have a ponder over! 

Hope your all having a wonderful day

Friday, 21 June 2013

Black and Blue


Hello lovelies! 

Today was the day I finally got my hair cut after a year.. yes I know a year is a long time but I've had some horrendous trips to the hair dressers over the last three years so I haven't been one to go regularly. Especially after having a horrible boy short hair a few years back.. lets just say that it didn't look good what so ever! I didn't have too much of the length and just had it shaped a bit more round my face and layered as it was very flat and lifeless really but I really like it, one of the nicest cuts I've had it years. Also today I'm sporting some of my amazing sale finds from work (h&m), our sale launched last week and I have been slowly putting pieces aside in the hold cupboard. One was this amazing jacket for £15 from £30 which I simply love! Its such a statement piece with such a gorgeous print that can up lift the basic of outfits. I teamed it with this black chiffon tunic I also got in the sale for £7 which I think can easily be worn day or night and especially with the jacket. I decided to tone down the outfit with these lovely sandals I also got from work for again £7, Its not the summery-est of outfits but I love all the pieces I got! I did get a few more bargains from the sale so you'll see them soon. Definitely go check your nearest H&M and see if you can find some bargains too!

Hope your all well and had a wonderful day.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Wish List

Hello Lovelies, 

There's no excuse to where I've been lately I'm so sorry! But today I have a small wish list for you, I've been eyeing up some things lately and hopefully I'll have more money to splurge out occasionally soon so here is what I hope to pick up, feel free to buy me them too.. The dress is so pretty for the summer well if we actually get one..but its out of stock everywhere as soon as its back I'm having it! I do love shirts and this one is so cute with the heart print, I think I could easily where it for any occasion. I've seen the cut out heel boots every where lately and I'm not one to wear heels being 5 ft 9or10 I don't need the extra hight but these cut out brogues I spotted on ASOS and immediately thought I need these! At work (h&m) we have been getting some lovely pieces of jewellery in lately this statement necklace is one, I love the mix of spikes with the gold and silver chain.

Hope your all having a wonderful day!