Friday, 28 December 2012

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Hello Lovelies, 

Here are a few pictures i took from Christmas day of some of the goodies i got, 

My present from my Secret Santa, glitter polish, Christmas day makeup.
Wrapping presents on Christmas eve, A few goodies, so excited to get the Harry potter box set!! 
My new Cath Kidston purse, Over excited about getting a penguin case, New book.

Travel Mug for the best friend, Lovely watch from my sister, Bag of goodies from my little brother.
The perfume I've been wanting for ages! More Goodies from the best friend, Love fluffy socks at Christmas. 
Ted baker set, Penguin gloves- can ya tell I like penguins.. My favourite chocs in the world! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Take it easy, lift your feet up off the burning ground

Hello Everyone,

On Christmas eve, I popped out to get a few last bits and pieces from Sainsburys before the big day and I under estimated how crazy people get with food at Christmas all I wanted was a few more tubes of pringles! Last week I finally got my leather jacket I'd been undecided about this one from Topshop for a while as the regular ones were just that tiny bit short, but whilst pottering around the tall section I noticed the same jacket, there was only one left in my size so I had to snap it up, And I absolutely love it! I've wanted a bowler hat for a long time and spotted this one from H&M for £7.99 total bargain! I also picked up this crochet skull jumper its not something I would normally go for but I actually really like it, its so cosy and the detail in the crochet is so pretty!

Hope you all having a lovely few days! 

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick little post to just wish you all a very Merry Christmas, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to all of you lovely followers for taking the time to follow, leave comments and read my posts it means the world to me that you enjoy my little blog! I hope you all  have a lovely day spent with your families and get lots of little goodies.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Little Look At My Week #2

Here are a few photos from my week 

Christmasy nails, At the clothes show with my sister, Big models own goodie bag.
Bought these leather shorts from the show and I absolutely love them! Munching my was through some Pom-bears, Having a poorly day in bed, Also popped into boots and bought some Simple products so far I am very impressed by them! A Little Christmas card from my manager, Looks like I don't need any more products for a while.. 

Hope your all having a lovely week And merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all

Jumper H&M 
Shorts Charity Shop
Lips Kate Moss 107
Nails Models Own Hedonist

I thought I would do something different today and do an outfit post! I came home from work last night and just decided to take a photo of what I was wearing. I will be working on lighting and finding the right place to take them but here's the first outfit post! I snapped these shorts up from a charity shop for £2.50 and I love them! I wore them to death during the summer and they haven't seen the light of day since so I pulled them out from their hibernated state wiped the cob webs off and teamed them with this cosy chunky knitted jumper. 

Hope your all having a lovely day!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Clothes Show Haul!


After four and a half hours of intense shopping and managing to get threw the sea of people my arms could no longer carry any more! So here are the few things I got.

First thing I picked up was this jelly pong pong set I'd bought a few jelly pong pong before and quite liked the products. I was really intrigued by this wide awake pallet and the fairy lashes mascara.

Next I spotted the Models Own stand and the massive crowd surrounded it, I managed to squeeze my way through. You had to pick two polishes you liked and then you'd get a goody bag for £10 which was a total bargain with what you got inside! 

I also picked up this collection goody bag, i just spotted the stand from the corner of my eye and for a £5 goodie bag, you got a few nice things. 

Everyone know my love for the Barry M nail polishes and after seeing so many people with their goody bag, I immediately needed it.. there are a few nice things in here but some things I'm quite disappointed would be in the goody bag.  

This little one was a freebie right at the end of the show. I love the dove conditioner and having the bigger bottle of it already was thrilled to have a little one to have to take away with me! 

I also picked up a free book! I was on the look for a new book to read and my sister spotted this book stand and they were giving this book away, after reading the description on the back I think its going to be an interesting read. 

Finally on to clothes I didn't go crazy with the clothes this time as there wasn't much I wanted but I did pick up these really nice tops from oh my love clothing.

Also from oh my love I picked up these faux leather shorts and I just love them their so pretty can't wait to where this with a chunky jumper! 

The final thing I picked up was this white lace dress, I've always wanted a white lace skater dress and spotted this on a £5 stand and just had to have it! 

I didn't go over board this year I managed to contain my self, but I'm pleased with some of the bargains I picked up! 

Hope your all having a lovely day! 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Clothes Show Live

Hello Lovelies!

On the 8th of December I was up bright and early and on a coach making my way to the NEC in Birmingham for the Clothes Show. This was my 4th time at the event and I still absolutely love it, Its fashion and beauty heaven all in one place, bliss! The fashion show this year was based on a day in the life of a magazine from castings to fashion shows to shoots, everything you would do within a fashion magazine. 

Here are a Few pictures from the show..

 I really enjoyed the clothes show this year, and all the goodies I bought shall be coming soon!


Monday, 10 December 2012

I spent money.. again.

On one of my many trips to superdrug and boots before I start work I picked up a few things, I haven't been spending much lately as I wanted to save some for the clothes show which I went to over the weekend, shall post all about it soon! I've been getting in to wearing more on my lips lately, so I popped over to boots and picked up a few of these 17 berry crush lip tints, and I must say for £4.99 they are quite good they have a really nice rage of colours too, I picked up this burgundy and this pinky colour, their are both so pretty on the lips and very wearable. I also picked up another Kate Moss matte lipstick in shade 107 and I simple love this lipstick, its a gorgeous burgundy colour its so lovely on, so pretty. I can't wait to get some more from the collection and other brands matte lipsticks too! I then had a wonder over to super drug and picked up a few things from sleek. First is this creme to powder oil free foundation and after a few applications I do quite like it, its not amazing but I do like it however my hunt for a good high street foundation continues.. I finally got this corrector and concealer palette I initially wanted to get one of their eye shadow palettes but there was barely any in my local superdrug. The kit contains a concealer, corrector and powder, the concealer and corrector are really creamy and very easy to apply and blend, the powder is a little yellow but if applying a small amount its unnoticeable. I'm glad I picked this handy little kit. 

A Little hello and welcome to all you new followers! Hope your all having a lovely start to the week. 


Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Little Look At My Week

Here are a few photos I've taken this week. 

Toffee nut latte on a very cold day, Lil' car I would like, Buying more Aussie products.
Sun Peeking through on a chilly afternoon, Finally got my hands on this bag from H&M I've been wanting it for a long time! Feeling festive so put up my little pink tree.
I've been wearing this Kate Moss matte lipstick alot lately, simply love it! Having a catch up and  a few drinks with my friends and finally cuddles with my little Eddie.

Hope your all having a lovely week!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Over the last few days, I've seen my self reach for this Gelly hi-shine nail paint from Barry M, I picked this up a few weeks ago but have only just got round to using and I must say I'm really liking this colour a lot! Its such a pretty bottle green, perfect for this season too. I really like the formulation of this Gelly hi-shine nail paint, it apply's really nicely and is very pigmented, I can't wait to pick some more up! Also this colour really reminds me of an old nail polish from top shop called beyond the sea, the colours are practically the same, the topshop one is just that slightly bit darker. 

Hope you all having a lovely day! 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Who wants to wrap around your dreams

Here are a few things I've been admiring lately and as Christmas is round the corner wouldn't mind getting my hands on.. hint hint. 1- Every one knows Estee Lauder double wear is amazing and after having to be a guinea pig for my friends make up course she used double wear light on me and I simply fell in love with how it made my skin look! 2- I love Benefits blushes and Hervana is by far my favourite. the swirl of different complimentary colours leave such a pretty rosy glow. 3- When La Vie Est Belle first came out I was given a tiny little sample of it and used it within a few days! The smell is soo pretty and sophisticated, just couldn't get enough of it! 4- I've been having some awful break outs lately, my skin is just not loving what I'm using on it at the minute and I've heard good things about origins super spot remover. 5- Can't have a wish list without nail polish can we.. I've been admiring the Opi Sky Fall collection and I just love the colour of casino Royale, its gorgeous! I used to create this wish list.