Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Florals And Leather


Hello Guys!

I picked up this dress from the Zara sale a few months back and I absolutely love it! Its such a pretty girly dress lovely for the summer too but at the moment its still a little chilly in Norwich so I teamed it with my leather jacket from topshop and also this bowler hat which is from h&m. This was another find hidden away in my wardrobe.. think I need to have clear outs more often with all these goodies I keep coming across! I don't usually wear hats as I have such a small head I think sometimes it can just look silly but this one actually sits quite nicely and doesn't make my pea head look any smaller! 

So glad that spring is slowly on its way so I can actually wear these pretty dresses i have.. I've had enough of this chilly weather! I also am wishing may would hurry up for my holiday to Florence :)

Hope you're all having a lovely afternoon!

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