Sunday, 4 November 2012

Batise Dry Shampoo Review

Batiste dry shampoo, you've all seen and heard about it, and its one of my most used products recently! I had a real issue of having to wash my hair everyday which is so bad for your hair I know.. I just couldn't stand to leave it for a few days but over the last month or so I've gotten into the habit of  washing my hair every other day and using batiste in-between washes and I must say I loves it! I didn't get along with it at first as it just made my hair feel powdery but I stuck with it and now I cant go with out it! My hair can get quite greasy, which is just not nice and this helps soo much in-between washes, also as my hair is quite thin and limp it adds a lot more volume to my hair by just using a little bit. I will definitely be repurchasing another, I also really like the scent of this one and will be trying out some of the other scents too! 

What are your thoughts on batiste?


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