Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner Review

This express treatment conditioner from dove I cant rave about enough, I love it! After dip dying my hair a few months ago, I had been noticing that it had started to get quite dry and very undernourished I'd heard a lot about using oils in your air to keep it healthy but as my hair can get greasy quite quickly I didn't want anything to oily, then I spotted this on Blue October blog and thought why not try oil in a conditioner. The product its self has gold and white stripes through it, the gold contains nutri-oils with argan, coconut and almond oils which are suppose to smooth, nourish and replenish essential nutrients and the white stripe contains a treatment that seals cuticles to lock in nutrients. After using this my hair feels a lot more nourished, healthy and smooth, and over the last few weeks I've noticed that my hair had felt a lot stronger, this has become my must have conditioner for my hair and I couldn't bare to be without it!

Have you tried this or any of the dove hair range? 



  1. I bought this the other week and I love it! It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling amazing! I can get quite greasy hair sometimes and as long as I only use oils on the ends, it doesn't make my hair any greasier :) xx

  2. It does smell soo good! Its such a good product for how little it costs! xx

  3. Ah I used this previously and its lovely. Only problem I have is that my hair tends to become used to products and then they stop having a great effect which is a tad annoying as I am forever having to mix it up.

    beckys makeup

    1. Oh noo bless, i've had that with a few but this mine seems fine with. its helped my hair tones! x


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