Saturday, 1 December 2012

Who wants to wrap around your dreams

Here are a few things I've been admiring lately and as Christmas is round the corner wouldn't mind getting my hands on.. hint hint. 1- Every one knows Estee Lauder double wear is amazing and after having to be a guinea pig for my friends make up course she used double wear light on me and I simply fell in love with how it made my skin look! 2- I love Benefits blushes and Hervana is by far my favourite. the swirl of different complimentary colours leave such a pretty rosy glow. 3- When La Vie Est Belle first came out I was given a tiny little sample of it and used it within a few days! The smell is soo pretty and sophisticated, just couldn't get enough of it! 4- I've been having some awful break outs lately, my skin is just not loving what I'm using on it at the minute and I've heard good things about origins super spot remover. 5- Can't have a wish list without nail polish can we.. I've been admiring the Opi Sky Fall collection and I just love the colour of casino Royale, its gorgeous! I used to create this wish list.


  1. I love how you post this after I've bought all your xmas stuff ¬¬ xx


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