Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Oh So Yellow

Hello lovelies! 

I thought I'd bring some sunshine into my day today as well its has been gloomy grey and rainy.. a far cry from last weekend! Summer please hurry up I need some sunshine. I picked this up from boots last week from miss sporty as it was 2 for £3 or something along those lines..With all the nail polish I have I don't actually own a yellow one so thought I'd take the opportunity to pick one up and I do actually really like this. Its a lovely bright pop of colour, I apply about two-three coats to get to this opaque. I wouldn't say the formula is amazing but it has isn't to bad for £1.99! Also it had lasted a fair amount of days with a top coat. My nails are so horribly short, I keep picking at them when I'm stressed which has been quite alot lately I just can't stop..If you know any good tips on stopping picking at your nails do share?! Mine are crying out for some help. 

Hope you've all had a lovely day! 


  1. Such a pretty shade! I think I might go for a yellow next time I paint my nails! xx

    1. Thank you it is a very summery colour xx


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