Friday, 31 May 2013

A Quick Little Life Update

Hello Lovelies!

I'm sorry posts have been a bit sparse lately, I've recently been given a 35 hour contract at work so getting use to being full time. I have no idea where this month has gone its literally flown by! Feels like I've had no time to my self! 
But At the start of the month I went on a little trip to bath to visit my lovely friend Katie for a few days. Bath is such a lovely place very quaint. Here are a few pictures I took:

Cocktails at po na na's, cheese night is on of the best nights in the world! Dancing away to classics like s club 7 and destiny's child all night. We also went to this cute restaurant called the cosy club once I got to bath, if you ever see one go the food so yummy there. So wish there was one in Norwich!

Off to Bristol for a day of shopping. Their Primark was amazing! so clean and tidy and mahoosive. A mini haul shall be up soon!

I was sad to leave bath it was so nice to just get away for a weekend. Would definitely advise having a weekend break there! 

Also last weekend I went to Banham zoo! I hadn't been for years so was very excited to spend the afternoon with all animals.

I had such a nice afternoon pottering around the zoo dragging my friend round. Have decided that I want to go to Edinburgh zoo to see the pandas! 

I shall have many posts to catch up on to tomorrow night after work so shall be back to normal in the swing of things in no time. 

I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoy your weekend!

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