Friday, 21 June 2013

Black and Blue


Hello lovelies! 

Today was the day I finally got my hair cut after a year.. yes I know a year is a long time but I've had some horrendous trips to the hair dressers over the last three years so I haven't been one to go regularly. Especially after having a horrible boy short hair a few years back.. lets just say that it didn't look good what so ever! I didn't have too much of the length and just had it shaped a bit more round my face and layered as it was very flat and lifeless really but I really like it, one of the nicest cuts I've had it years. Also today I'm sporting some of my amazing sale finds from work (h&m), our sale launched last week and I have been slowly putting pieces aside in the hold cupboard. One was this amazing jacket for £15 from £30 which I simply love! Its such a statement piece with such a gorgeous print that can up lift the basic of outfits. I teamed it with this black chiffon tunic I also got in the sale for £7 which I think can easily be worn day or night and especially with the jacket. I decided to tone down the outfit with these lovely sandals I also got from work for again £7, Its not the summery-est of outfits but I love all the pieces I got! I did get a few more bargains from the sale so you'll see them soon. Definitely go check your nearest H&M and see if you can find some bargains too!

Hope your all well and had a wonderful day.


  1. You look lovely! Such a simple look but still interesting and pretty :)

    Claire xx

  2. Such a cute outfit, really really like your sandals :) xx

    MyLushBoxBlog | Bloglovin’

  3. I bought that blazer too. Not the weather for it yet but come autumn ill be wearing it out! X lotti x

    1. Yes not the weather for it just yet but come autumn it'll be perfect! xx


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