Sunday, 7 October 2012

Haul for Y'all

Hello Lovelies! 

I went shopping.. again! I was pondering around boots getting the essentials when I saw they had a 3for2 on hair care, and as my hair is in need of some loving I brought a few things.

I absolutely love the Aussie brand, such lovely products that do exactly what it says on the tin! I re-stocked up on Miracle Moist, my hair is soo dry its need that extra helping hand and this shampoo definitely helps to hydrates my hair. I picked up this conditioner from dove, this is their Nourishing oil care express treatment. I have such dry ends due to dip dying my hair many months back, and I'm hoping this treatment will give my hair a little boost, and it smells so scrummy! I also picked up this Tony and Guy sea salt spray, I've been umming and ahhing about sea salt spray as i have such straight flicky hair that it may not work, but I'll give it a try and see if it does the job.Finally beauty wise I brought this Garnier replenishing lotion,  I needed a new body cream soo thought I'd give this one a whorl. 

I then went over to Primark and picked up a few little bits. 

I've been wanting a check shirt for ages, but can never find one that I actually like, I saw this one in Primark and loved it so had to buy it! I really want to put some studs on the collar too. I also picked up this jumper, as its starting to get a little chilly, I thought I best start buying warmer clothes. This jumper is soo cosy and I just love it! Finally I got this chunky scarf, I absolutely love the colour burgundy during the colder months, and this is just perfect for those wintery days.

Hope your  all having a nice day!



  1. I'd love to see a review on the Garnier cream! You get quite a lot of product for your money so I might have to purchase it:)


  2. There shall be one on the way!(: you do get quite a lot of product, and for £3 pounds or soo its a bargain! x

  3. I've been thinking of salt sprays. How is the Tony and Guy one? Does it work?

  4. The Tony and Guy one is nice, but i think due to my hair being dead straight naturally it just isn't doing anything to it which is such a shame! x


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