Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lush Cupcake Face Mask Review


I've been using this face mask from lush lately and I absolutely love it! This mask is aimed at oily and teenage skin to help absorb oil and control your break outs which is exactly what my skins needs desperate help with. It contains cocoa butter, linseed, cocoa powder along with peppermint, spearmint and sandalwood, it also has little beads in it to exfoliate your skin. The mask is just lovely and feels like its actually working whilst its drying. After using it my skin is left feeling super soft, smooth and cleansed, plus it smells absolutely amazing, just want to eat it!

Have you tried this face mask out, what are your thoughts?



  1. I did a review on this ages ago, I could not stab the smell!! It's so strong isn't it? It's a really good face mask and really does leave your skin clean and fresh but I can use it, the smell is just to strong for me xxxx

  2. Aww bless, i don#t mind the smell i have such a sweet tooth! haha. It is a really good face mask, its done wonders for my skin! i soo want to try some of the other lush ones too! xx

  3. At first, it looks so yummy because it looks like chocolate. And when I read it, its a face mask. I want to try this for I have also read lots of positive views about it. i want to experience the good wonders that it does.

  4. Its such a lovely face mask, definitely try it! (: x


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