Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kate Moss Matt Lipstick Review


The other day I popped into boots and I picked up one of these new Kate Moss matte lipsticks. I'm not usually one for lipstick, as I have such dry lips sometimes it puts me of.. But I was drawn too this one and thought lets give this one a go as I just love the colour. Its a orangey pinky red, its so pretty and can be worn easily with any outfit. The lipstick its self is such a nice formula it glides on with ease and doesn't dry my lips out, and has such a lovely scent to it. I've worn this every day since I bought it and I just love it! I wish I picked up some of the other colours too they all looked soo pretty. 

Have you tried any of these lipsticks, what do you think of them?



  1. I picked up 113 & 101, one's a nudey colour and the other is a really nice soft pink. I feel like that too, I should of picked them all up but HEY Superdrug still are doing 3 for 2 so I might just go a little crazy and get 3 more haha. Great post!

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  2. I know! may pop in tomorrow and pick the others up, really like the burgundy one they are all soo pretty! xx


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