Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Ebay Love!

Over the past few days I've made up quite a list in my watch list on Ebay.. lethal I know!
I found this moustache top which is so cute, tempting to get it and pair it with the gorgeous black chiffon skirt , wanted one of these for ages but can never find my size, always sold out, darn it! I also found these two dress the daisy dress I think is adorable would be so pretty for summer, well if we get one.. and the blue spiked dress has been bookmarked for quite a long time. I adore it, having the agonising wait for it to come back into stock! I've seen on so many blogs people rave about this Technic nail polish, its a dupe for an OPI one and can't wait to try it out! I've also been lusting after soo many shoes lately its kinda ridiculous, especially these spiked slipper shoes! Finally I may have made a sneaky purchase and bought these cat face shoes, they are soo adorable! I've been wanting them for a while but keep putting it off, i don't need any more shoes but I just couldn't resist and thought if I can't have a real cat I can have cat shoes! soo excited to get them!

Hope your all having a wonderful day! 



  1. Adore those spiked loafers!

  2. they're soo pretty!! major lust for them! x


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