Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Hello lovely's!

I've had a major layout change! If you'd seen my blog before you would ave known how awful it looked! I just couldn't get my head around changing the template/ layout and making it my own, when I stumbled across Kates blog and had seen she put a post about if you had a query's about layouts/ templates to contact her, in which I did. I simple just asked her how she changed her layout, in which after a few emails of explaining how baffled by the html I was, she offered to help me do mine! She so lovely, she let me choose what layout and background I wanted and she done the rest, always checking if she could change or add something and after all her hard work she complete my new layout! Im so happy with it, thank you Kate! LoveLoveLovee it! 
If you are just as baffled by the whole situation as I was I would completely recommend asking Kate or anyone who's blog you admire, they'll be happy to get you on track or giving advise on who and where to go to!

Hope you like the new look too!?



  1. Really glad you like it! Happy to help :) x

  2. Thankyou i really do loves it! (: x


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