Saturday, 18 August 2012

Results Day!

Hey All!
 Over the past few days people have been receiving their A level and BTEC results. I got mine and im over the moon! I have just completed a BTEC in Fashion and Textiles (more the textiles side, can't make clothes to save my life!)
And was very pleased to get awarded Triple grade of Distinction Distinction Distinction. I had a bit of a rough 2nd year with getting to a point not actually wanting to do it any more.. but I'm soo glad i stuck with it! I love textiles and being creative i think i just lost my spark, which I'm slowly but surely getting back! However I'm still unsure about what i want to do with it and where i want to go.. I see people who have got an idea of what they exactly want to do and i wish i had that, instead of pulling my hair out panicking of what i can do! haha. But taking a year out before uni will hopefully open my eyes to what i would like to do! 
Hope you all done well in your results, and do well in what your planning to do with them! (: 



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