Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes..

 Hello All!

Sorry its been a few days since the last.. work has been hetic!
I'm an absolute lover of shoes, I just cant get enough! Which is probably shown with the amount that i actually have.. i  don't own many heels, mine are mostly flats.You can find so many quirky flats to go with absolutely anything now a days and I spotted these on one of my many Ebay bargain hunts, their the cat shoes seen on daisy street. I've been putting off buying them for a while, due to the amount of shoes I've managed to collect.. I lost count after 35. But these were only 11 pounds including posting and packaging which I thought was a complete steal and couldn't resists any longer!  I purchased them on the Tuesday and they were hear waiting for me after I'd finished work on the Friday, was soo excited and I absolutely love them, they are so adorable and soo comfy, I know I can get my wear out of them!

Hope your all having a lovely week



  1. Hi! Saw your message on BBN, asking for feedback. I like your blog! It looks super cute and it's a joy to read. It i have to be super picky and critical, I'd say the scrollbar on the right is a bit too thin for me. I almost totally missed it. But then again Ihave horrible eyesight s it's up to you.

    Also, some bloggers and visitors are less likely to leave a comment if 1) you only allow comments from people who are logged on and 2) you have the captcha on. especially since it has been ridonculusly strict and difficult to read lately. Most would suggest to turn it off, but moderate the comments so you avoid spam. :)

    I am realy onjoying the blog so far though. And I am in love with the cat shoes!


  2. Thankyou for the feedback, i have resolved some of those issues (: x


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