Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weekly Wish List #4 Pattern trousers

Hello lovelies,

From my last outfit post I said I really wanted some more pattern trousers so I've been browsing online over the last few days and here are the ones I'm loving! 

This first pair of trousers are so pretty I just love the print on these especially the blue pink/ green tones which are ideal for summer. As you can see these last three are black and white, but I think they would all be perfect with a crisp white shirt and maybe a red or pink lip to add a pop of colour to the outfit.  

Which ones are your favourite?

Hope you all have a wonderful day (:


  1. I'm in love with #1 and #3 - got a thing for the whole floral pattern/prints going on this Summer. I could see myself wearing them both during the day and for a night out, although they would definitely need heels if I was going to wear them at night. Nice choices and I'm now going to go and buy #1 (although I'll probably get into trouble for spending more money, argh!)

    I followed your blog by the way, can't wait to see the next wish list. Would love if you could take a look at mine (it's brand new) and see what you think or follow if you like.

    Thanks for the wishlist!

    Bex x

    Rainbow Rain Blog

    1. Me too they are soo pretty! yes all these are easy to dress up or down, which is so ideal. Aw yay, you shall have to show me how you style the first pair :D of course i shall lovely! xx

  2. I'm loving this look at the moment too! Great selection :)

    Style Sunrise


    1. Thank you, they are just such a subtle statement, i do love pattern trousers x

  3. I love pair 2. Check out Boohoo. I got some trousers from there and love them :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Ooo thank you, i shall have to have a look on there! xx


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